Hedge trimmer characteristics

Time:2021-09-10 06:53:48

Hedgerow trimmers and high-branch trimmers are mainly used for pruning hedgerows and branches. Hedge trimmers are powered by gasoline engines, diesel engines, and electric. The cutting machines are mainly reciprocating and rotating blades.

At present, in our country, hand-held chainsaws or manual pruning shears are commonly used in urban roads, some high-grade highways, highways, and road hedges of enterprises and institutions. In summary, the main disadvantages are as follows: ①The use of single-cylinder gasoline engines is noisy. , Often affects normal work and study; ②The labor intensity of workers is high, on the one hand, it is laborious due to the hand-held, on the other hand, the hedge often needs to be pruned on three sides, and workers are forced to move with heavy loads; ③The energy is squandered and the air pollution is severe. Using low-brand leaded gasoline, not only the evaporation of gasoline directly pollutes the atmosphere, but its emissions also contain a lot of harmful gases (such as: CO, CO2, NOX, PbOX, etc.) [3]; ④The efficiency is not high, and the main reason is the hedgerow. Trimming is often required on three sides, and workers have to walk back and forth many times to reach the goal; ⑤The neatness of the size of the hedge is poor, and it is difficult to achieve a uniform trimming effect due to the different technical level of the workers and the reference objects; ⑥On the highway When working in isolation belts, it is difficult for workers to obtain effective guarantees for their personal safety.