Insufficient pressure failure inspection and maintenance of high-pressure cleaner

Time:2021-09-10 06:56:09

The high-pressure cleaner is a kind of mechanical equipment with multiple functions and a wide range of uses. Its core technology is high-pressure impulse, but sometimes it encounters insufficient water pressure when the high-pressure cleaner is started, which will result in poor cleaning effect and waste of water resources. In this case, how to check and repair the equipment failure?

The high-pressure nozzle of the high-pressure cleaner is severely worn, and excessive wear of the high-pressure nozzle will affect the water outlet pressure of the equipment. You should replace the nozzle in time, the pressure regulating valve is not adjusted to the high-pressure position; as long as the high-pressure state can ensure the cleaning effect, insufficient water entering the equipment will result in insufficient water and insufficient output pressure. Sufficient inlet water flow should be provided in time to solve the problem of outlet pressure drop.

The pressure washer cleans the water inlet filter with air. After the air in the water inlet filter is used up, the output pressure can be guaranteed to reach the standard. After the overflow valve of the high-pressure cleaner is aged, the overflow flow is large and the pressure becomes low. When it is found to be aging, it is necessary to replace the accessories in time. The upper and lower pressure water seals and the water inlet and outlet check valves of the high-pressure cleaner show leakage and cause the working pressure to drop. These accessories should be replaced in time.

The high-pressure pipe and the filter device are kinked, bent or damaged, resulting in poor water flow and insufficient water pressure, which should be repaired in time. The internal defects of the high-pressure pump, the wearing of the vulnerable parts, and the reduction of water flow; the internal pipeline of the equipment is blocked, and the water flow is too small, resulting in too low working pressure. When the water outlet pressure of the high-pressure cleaner is too small or there is no pressure, it will directly affect the cleaning effect and quality of the equipment. After the pressure problem is displayed, troubleshooting and problem handling should be stopped in time to ensure that the cleaning work is not affected.