Application of high-pressure washing machine in road maintenance

Time:2021-09-10 06:59:01

The main working medium of the high-pressure washing machine is pure water. The working principle of the high-pressure washing machine is to pressurize ordinary tap water to more than one thousand atmospheres by a high-pressure water pump, and then spray a stream of energy through a small-aperture high-pressure nozzle to be highly concentrated. The jet beam is what we often call the pressurized water jet. The pressurized water jet has a huge hitting ability, which is instantly released on the dirt to be cleaned, forming wedge-shaped peeling, shear composite damage and jet impact on the surface of the dirt. , Make the dirt and the substrate produce a pressure difference, in order to achieve the purpose of removing the dirt on the surface of the equipment.

The high-pressure washing machine plays a very important role in road maintenance. The total length of our country's roads is very amazing. After long-term use of the road, it will inevitably cause damage. At this time, maintenance and maintenance must be carried out to ensure smooth transportation. Using a high-pressure washing machine for high-pressure water jet cleaning can not only clean the grease, soil, tar on the maintenance equipment, but also the paint, dirt, tar, stickies, and dividing lines on the cement bridge and overpass, but also level it. Abrasion and heavy oil on cement. The road surface cleaned by the washing machine is not only tidy and hygienic, but also smooth. Water jet cleaning technology can not only ensure that the road maintenance can meet the standards, but also produce considerable economic benefits.

Due to the characteristics of the high-pressure water jet technology itself and its many advantages in the field of cleaning, combined with the experience and economic benefits obtained in practice, it has been used as a high-quality, low-cost, fast, reliable, and effective cleaning method. It is more and more recognized and welcomed by the highway maintenance industry.